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Bruce Dunn, Ph.D.

Nippon Sheet Glass Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Co-Director, FENA
Member, California NanoSystems Institute, Eli & Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Research, JCCC Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Program Area, Neuroengineering Training Program

Ph.D., UCLA, 1974

Professional Societies:
Electrochemical Society
American Chemical Society (Fellow)
Materials Research Society

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Work Address: 3121B Engineering V
Campus - 159510
Los Angeles, CA
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Fax Number: (310) 206-7353
Work Phone Number: (310) 825-1519
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Bruce Dunn is the Nippon Sheet Glass Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA. After receiving his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1974, he was a staff scientist at the General Electric Corporate Research and Development Center in Schenectady, New York. He joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA in 1980. Professor Dunn has published some 250 papers in scientific and technical journals and has been awarded 13 patents with several pending. Among the honors he has received are a Fulbright research fellowship, invited professorships at the University of Paris, the University of Bordeaux, the University of Picardie (Jules Verne) and the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and two awards from DOE for his research in materials science. In 2003 he was named to the NSG Chair in Materials Science and Engineering.

Selected Publications:

Zheng Chen, Jing Wen, Chunzhu Yan, Lynn Rice, Hiesang Sohn, Meiqing Shen, Mei Cai, Bruce Dunn, Yunfeng Lu, High-Performance Supercapacitors Based on Hierarchically Porous Graphite Particles, Advanced Energy Materials, 2011, Epub ahead of print.
Torsten Brezesinski, John Wang, Robert Senter, Kirstin Brezesinski, Bruce Dunn and Sarah H. Tolbert, On the Correlation between Mechanical Flexibility, Nanoscale Structure, and Charge Storage in Periodic Mesoporous CeO2 Thin Films, ACS Nano, 2010, 4 (2), 967-77.
Torsten Brezesinski, John Wang, Sarah H. Tolbert & Bruce Dunn, Ordered mesoporous α-MoO3 with iso-oriented nanocrystalline walls for thin-film pseudocapacitors, Nature Materials, 2010, 9, 146-51.
Wassei JK, Tung VC, Jonas SJ, Cha K, Dunn BS, Yang Y, Kaner RB, Stenciling graphene, carbon nanotubes, and fullerenes using elastomeric lift-off membranes, Adv Mater, 2010, 22 (8), 897-901.
Brezesinski, K., Wang, J., Haetge, J., Reitz, C., Steinmueller, S.O., Tolbert, S.H., Smarsly, B.M., Dunn, B. and Brezesinski, T., Pseudocapacitive Contributions to Charge Storage in Highly Ordered Mesoporous Group V Transition Metal Oxides with Iso-Oriented Layered Nanocrystalline Domains, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132 (20), 6982–90.
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Huang M.H., Soyez H.M., Dunn B.S., Zink J.I., Sellinger A., Brinker C.J. , In Situ Fluorescence Probing of the Chemical and Structural Changes During Formation of Hexagonal Phase Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide and Lamellar Phase CTAB/Poly (dodecylmethacrylate) sol-gel silica thin films, J Sol-Gel Science and Technol 47, 2008, 300-310.
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