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Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, Ph.D.

Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Member, California NanoSystems Institute

Ph.D., Harvard University, 2003
B.Sc., University of British Columbia, 1999

Contact Information:
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Mailing Address: Department of Physics & Astronomy, UCLA
6-137C Knudsen
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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Work Phone Number: (310) 794-9520
Additional Information:

After graduating from the National Physics and Mathematics High School in 1996, enrolled in full-time university programs at Bogomolets National Medical University, General Medicine Department, and Shevchenko National University, Physics Department, all in Kyiv. In 1997, transferred to the University of British Columbia, completing Honors B.Sc. program in Physics and Mathematics two years later. Completed Ph.D. in Physics at Harvard University in 2003 and stayed on as Harvard Junior Fellow for three more years. Since 2006 on faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Selected Publications:

Kovalev AA, Sinova J, Tserkovnyak Y, Anomalous Hall effect in disordered multiband metals, Phys Rev Lett, 2010, 105 (3), 036601.
Sato K, Loss D, Tserkovnyak Y, Cooper-pair injection into quantum spin Hall insulators, Phys Rev Lett, 2010, 105 (22), 226401.
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Tserkovnyak, Y., Akhanjee, S., Spin-selective localization due to intrinsic spin-orbit coupling, Physical Review B, 2009, 79 (8), 085114.
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