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Christopher Lynch, Ph.D.

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Member, California NanoSystems Institute

Ph.D., Unviersity of California, Santa Barbara, 1992

Contact Information:
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Mailing Address: 46-147G Engineering IV
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCLA
420 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Home Page:
Work Phone Number: (310) 825-7660

Selected Publications:

Lynch CS , Large Field Electro-Mechanical Measurement Techniques for Ferroelectric Materials, INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS , 2009, 111, 59-67 .
Webber KG, Robinson HC, Rossetti GA, Lynch CS, et al., A distributed step-like switching model of the continuous field-driven phase transformations observed in PMN-xPT relaxor ferroelectric single crystals , ACTA MATERIALIA , 2008, 56 (12), 2744-2749 .
Webber KG, Zuo RZ, Lynch CS , Ceramic and single-crystal (1-x)PMN-xPT constitutive behavior under combined stress and electric field loading, ACTA MATERIALIA , 2008, 56 (6), 1219-1227 .
Westram, I., Oates, W.S., Lupascu, D.C., Rodel, J., Lynch, C.S., Mechanism of electric fatigue crack growth in lead zirconate titanate, Acta Materialia, 2007, 55 (1), 301-312.
Webber, K.G., Hopkinson, D.P., and Lynch, C.S., Application of a Classical Lamination Theory Model to the Design of Piezoelectric Composite Unimorph Actuators, JIMSS , 2006, 17 (1), 29 .
Liu, T., Lynch, C.S., Domain engineered relaxor ferroelectric single crystals, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 2006, 18 (1-2), 119-135.
Liu, T., and Lynch, C.S., Orientation Dependence of Non-linearity and Hysteresis in PZN-4.5%PT Single Crystals I Unipolar Response, JIMSS , 2006, 17 (11), 953-957.
Tieqi Liu, Christopher S. Lynch and Elizabeth A. Mclaughlin, Thermodynamics of Stress and Electric Field Induced Phase Transition in Relaxor Ferroelectric Crystals, JIMSS, 2006, 1 (4), 409-15.
Oates, W.S., Lynch, C.S., Kounga-Njiwa, A.B., and Lupascu, D.C., Anisotropic fracture behavior in ferroelectric relaxor PZN-4.5%PT single crystals, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2005, 88 (7), 1838-1844.
Liu, T., Lynch, C.S., Characterization and modeling of relaxor single crystals, Integrated Ferroelectrics, 2005, 71 (1), 173-9.
Gex, D., Berthelot Y., and Lynch, C.S., Low frequency bending piezoelectric actuator with integrated ultrasonic NDE functionality, NDT & E International, 2005, 38 (7), 582-588.