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Shaily Mahendra, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Member, California NanoSystems Institute

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2007
M.S., Syracuse University, New York, 2001
B.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 1997

Academic Experience:
2011 - University of California Hellman Fellowship
2011 - PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellowship
2001 - University of California Toxic Substance Research and Teaching Program Fellowship
1999 - Syracuse University Center for Environmental Science and Engineering Fellowship

Honors and Awards:
2013 - 2013 Northrop Grumman Award for Excellence in Teaching
2013 - National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award
2013 - DuPont Young Professor Award
2011 Environmental Science & Technology, Excellence in Review Award
2008 Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors, CH2M-Hill/AEESP Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award
2006 Groundwater Resources Association of California Symposium on Emerging Contaminants, Concord, CA, Best Technical Presentation
2006 16th Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Metting & West Coast Conference on Soils, Sediments & Water, Sand Diego, CA, Best Presentation Award

Contact Information:
Work Email Address:
Office Address: Civil and Environmental Engineering
5732 Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Work Phone Number: (310) 794-9850
Research Interests:

  • Biomarkers and stable isotope-based tools for monitoring 1,4-dioxane biodegradation
  • Chlorinated solvents’ and metals’ impacts on 1,4-dioxane biodegradation
  • Biodegradation of poly- and perfluoroalkyl compounds by bacteria and fungi
  • Design of abiotic and biological treatment trains for 1,4-dioxane biodegradation
  • Toxicity of metallic (Ag, Au, Cu, Zn) nanoparticles towards microbial communities

Selected Publications:

Gedalanga Phillip B, Pornwongthong Peerapong, Mora Rebecca, Chiang Sheau-Yun Dora, Baldwin Brett, Ogles Dora, Mahendra Shaily, Identification of biomarker genes to predict biodegradation of 1,4-dioxane, Applied and environmental microbiology, 2014, 80 (10), 3209-18.
Pornwongthong Peerapong, Mulchandani Anjali, Gedalanga Phillip B, Mahendra Shaily, Transition metals and organic ligands influence biodegradation of 1,4-dioxane, Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 2014, 173 (1), 291-306.
Tseng Nancy, Wang Ning, Szostek Bogdan, Mahendra Shaily, Biotransformation of 6:2 fluorotelomer alcohol (6:2 FTOH) by a wood-rotting fungus, Environmental science & technology, 2014, 48 (7), 4012-20.
Wang, J., Y. Mo, S. Mahendra, and E. M. V. Hoek , Effects of Water Chemistry on Structure and Performance of Polyamide Composite Membranes, Journal of Membrane Science, 2013.
Mahendra Shaily, Grostern Ariel, Alvarez-Cohen Lisa, The impact of chlorinated solvent co-contaminants on the biodegradation kinetics of 1,4-dioxane, Chemosphere, 2013, 91 (1), 88-92.
Reyes Vincent C, Li Minghua, Hoek Eric M V, Mahendra Shaily, Damoiseaux Robert, Genome-wide assessment in Escherichia coli reveals time-dependent nanotoxicity paradigms, ACS nano, 2012, 6 (11), 9402-15.
Chiang Sheau-Yun Dora, Mora Rebecca, Diguiseppi William H, Davis Greg, Sublette Kerry, Gedalanga Phillip, Mahendra Shaily, Characterizing the intrinsic bioremediation potential of 1,4-dioxane and trichloroethene using innovative environmental diagnostic tools, Journal of environmental monitoring : JEM, 2012, 14 (9), 2317-26.
Sales Christopher M, Mahendra Shaily, Grostern Ariel, Parales Rebecca E, Goodwin Lynne A, Woyke Tanja, Nolan Matt, Lapidus Alla, Chertkov Olga, Ovchinnikova Galina, Sczyrba Alexander, Alvarez-Cohen Lisa, Genome sequence of the 1,4-dioxane-degrading Pseudonocardia dioxanivorans strain CB1190, Journal of bacteriology, 2011, 193 (17), 4549-50.
Lee Jaesang, Mahendra Shaily, Alvarez Pedro J J, Nanomaterials in the construction industry: a review of their applications and environmental health and safety considerations, ACS nano, 2010, 4 (7), 3580-90.
Li Mengyan, Fiorenza Stephanie, Chatham James R, Mahendra Shaily, Alvarez Pedro J J, 1,4-Dioxane biodegradation at low temperatures in Arctic groundwater samples, Water research, 2010, 44 (9), 2894-900.
Lee Chang Woo, Mahendra Shaily, Zodrow Katherine, Li Dong, Tsai Yu-Chang, Braam Janet, Alvarez Pedro J J, Developmental phytotoxicity of metal oxide nanoparticles to Arabidopsis thaliana, Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC, 2010, 29 (3), 669-75.
Xiu Zong-Ming, Jin Zhao-Hui, Li Tie-Long, Mahendra Shaily, Lowry Gregory V, Alvarez Pedro J J, Effects of nano-scale zero-valent iron particles on a mixed culture dechlorinating trichloroethylene, Bioresource technology, 2010, 101 (4), 1141-6.
Goyal Anubha, Kumar Ashavani, Patra Prabir K, Mahendra Shaily, Tabatabaei Salomeh, Alvarez Pedro J J, John George, Ajayan Pulickel M, In situ Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticle Embedded Free Standing Multifunctional PDMS Films, Macromolecular rapid communications, 2009, 30 (13), 1116-22.
Zodrow Katherine, Brunet Léna, Mahendra Shaily, Li Dong, Zhang Anna, Li Qilin, Alvarez Pedro J J, Polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes impregnated with silver nanoparticles show improved biofouling resistance and virus removal, Water research, 2009, 43 (3), 715-23.
Mahendra Shaily, Zhu Huiguang, Colvin Vicki L, Alvarez Pedro J, Quantum dot weathering results in microbial toxicity, Environmental science & technology, 2008, 42 (24), 9424-30.
Li Qilin, Mahendra Shaily, Lyon Delina Y, Brunet Lena, Liga Michael V, Li Dong, Alvarez Pedro J J, Antimicrobial nanomaterials for water disinfection and microbial control: potential applications and implications, Water research, 2008, 42 (18), 4591-602.
Klaine Stephen J, Alvarez Pedro J J, Batley Graeme E, Fernandes Teresa F, Handy Richard D, Lyon Delina Y, Mahendra Shaily, McLaughlin Michael J, Lead Jamie R, Nanomaterials in the environment: behavior, fate, bioavailability, and effects, Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC, 2008, 27 (9), 1825-51.
Mahendra Shaily, Petzold Christopher J, Baidoo Edward E, Keasling Jay D, Alvarez-Cohen Lisa, Identification of the intermediates of in vivo oxidation of 1 ,4-dioxane by monooxygenase-containing bacteria, Environmental science & technology, 2007, 41 (21), 7330-6.
Mahendra Shaily, Alvarez-Cohen Lisa, Kinetics of 1,4-dioxane biodegradation by monooxygenase-expressing bacteria, Environmental science & technology, 2006, 40 (17), 5435-42.
Mahendra Shaily, Alvarez-Cohen Lisa, Pseudonocardia dioxanivorans sp. nov., a novel actinomycete that grows on 1,4-dioxane, International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2005, 55 (Pt 2), 593-8.
Chu Kung-Hui, Mahendra Shaily, Song Donald L, Conrad Mark E, Alvarez-Cohen Lisa, Stable carbon isotope fractionation during aerobic biodegradation of chlorinated ethenes, Environmental science & technology, 2004, 38 (11), 3126-30.