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Eric Pei-Yu Chiou, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Member, California NanoSystems Institute

Ph.D., UC, Berkeley, 2005
M.S., UC, Los Angeles, 2004
B.S., National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 1998

Honors and Awards:
2006 R&D Magazine and MICRO/NANO Newsletter, Best 25 micro- and nano-technology (R&D Magazine and MICRO/NANO Newsletter, Representative)
2005 Berkeley BSAC IAB, Best Poster Award
2005 Berkeley BSAC IAB, Best Presentation
2004 Graduate Research and Education in Adaptive bio-Technology Training Program, UC GREAT Fellowship
2004 National Collegiate Invention Competition, National Collegiate Invention Competition
2002 National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Frontiers of Engineering Meeting, IBM Student Fellow
1998 International Micro Robot Maze Contest (Nagoya, Japan), International Micro Robot Maze Contest (Nagoya, Japan)
1997 National Taiwan University, President's Award (National Taiwan University)

Contact Information:
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Office Address: UCLA
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
37-138 Eng. IV
Mail Code: 159710
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Home Page:
Work Phone Number: (310) 825-8620
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Prof. Eric P. Y. Chiou received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department from the University of California at Berkeley in 2005. He received his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering Department in the University of California at Los Angeles and B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering Department from National Taiwan University in Taiwan in 1998. He joined the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of California at Los Angeles in 2006. His research interest is in nanophotonics, biophotonics, single cell laser surgery, laser manufacturing, reconfigurable materials, and BioMEMS/NEMS, and optofluidics. His invention of Optoelectronic Tweezers (OET) is selected by R&D Magazine and Micro/Nano Newsletter as representative of the best 25 micro- and nanotechnologies of 2006. He has received the NSF CAREER award in 2008.

Selected Publications:

Park SY, Wu TH, Chen Y, Teitell MA, Chiou PY, High-speed droplet generation on demand driven by pulse laser-induced cavitation, Lab Chip, 2011, 11 (6), 1010-2.
Ting-Hsiang Wu, Tara Teslaa, Sheraz Kalim, Christopher T. French, Shahriar Moghadam, Randolph Wall, Jeffery F. Miller, Owen N. Witte, Michael A. Teitell, and Pei-Yu Chiou, Photothermal Nanoblade for Large Cargo Delivery into Mammalian Cells, Anal. Chem, 2011, 83 (4), 1321-7.
Wu TH, Kalim S, Callahan C, Teitell MA, Chiou PY., Image patterned molecular delivery into live cells using gold particle coated substrates, Opt Express, 2010, 18 (2), 938-46.
Wu TH, Teslaa T, Teitell MA, Chiou PY, Photothermal nanoblade for patterned cell membrane cutting, Opt Express, 2010, 18 (22), 23153-60.
Hsu HY, Ohta AT, Chiou PY, Jamshidi A, Neale SL, Wu MC, Phototransistor-based optoelectronic tweezers for dynamic cell manipulation in cell culture media, Lab Chip, 2010, 10 (2), 165-72.
Sung-Yong Park, Michael A. Teitell and Eric P. Y. Chiou, Single-sided continuous optoelectrowetting (SCOEW) for droplet manipulation with light patterns, Lab on a Chip, 2010, 10, 1655-61.
Wang, S., Chen, K.J., Wu, T.H., Wang, H., Lin, W.Y., Ohashi, M., Chiou, P.Y., Tseng, H.R., Photothermal Effects of Supramolecularly Assembled Gold Nanoparticles for the Targeted Treatment of Cancer Cells, Angewandte Chemie, 2010, 122, 1-6.
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