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Sotiris Masmanidis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Neurobiology
Member, Brain Research Institute, California NanoSystems Institute, Neuroscience GPB Home Area

Ph.D., Caltech, Pasadena, CA, 2003 - 2007
M.S., Caltech, Pasadena, CA, 2003 - 2005
B.S., University College London, United Kingdom, 1997 - 2001

Honors and Awards:
2014 McKnight Technical Innovations in Neuroscience Award
2006 Broad Fellowship in Brain Circuitry
2013 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship

Contact Information:
Work Email Address:
Lab Number: 310-794-5625 Phone

Selected Publications:

Shobe Justin L, Bakhurin Konstantin I, Claar Leslie D, Masmanidis Sotiris C, Selective modulation of orbitofrontal network activity during negative occasion setting, The Journal of Neuroscience, 2017.
Lee Kwang, Holley Sandra M, Shobe Justin L, Chong Natalie C, Cepeda Carlos, Levine Michael S, Masmanidis Sotiris C, Parvalbumin Interneurons Modulate Striatal Output and Enhance Performance during Associative Learning, Neuron, 2017, 93 (6), 1451-1463.
Bakhurin Konstantin I, Goudar Vishwa, Shobe Justin L, Claar Leslie D, Buonomano Dean V, Masmanidis Sotiris C, Differential Encoding of Time by Prefrontal and Striatal Network Dynamics, The Journal of Neuroscience, 2017, 37 (4), 854-870.
Smith Wesley C, Rosenberg Matthew H, Claar Leslie D, Chang Victoria, Shah Sagar N, Walwyn Wendy M, Evans Christopher J, Masmanidis Sotiris C, Frontostriatal Circuit Dynamics Correlate with Cocaine Cue-Evoked Behavioral Arousal during Early Abstinence, eNeuro, 2017, 3 (3), 854-870.
Bakhurin Konstantin I, Mac Victor, Golshani Peyman, Masmanidis Sotiris C, Temporal correlations among functionally specialized striatal neural ensembles in reward conditioned mice, Journal of neurophysiology, 2016, 36 (3), jn.01037.2015.
Shobe Justin L, Claar Leslie D, Parhami Sepideh, Bakhurin Konstantin I, Masmanidis Sotiris C, Brain activity mapping at multiple scales with silicon microprobes containing 1,024 electrodes, Journal of neurophysiology, 2015, 114 (3), 2043-2052.