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James Gimzewski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Ph.D.

Director, Nano and Pico Characterization Lab
Lab Director, Gimzewski Lab
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Scientific Director, Art|Sci Center
Professor, Physical Chemistry
Member, NanoElectronics, Photonics, Architectonics, NanoMechanical and Nanofluidic Systems, California NanoSystems Institute, Institute for Cell Mimetic Space Exploration (CMISE), Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
Researcher, Biophysics and Structural Biology, Physical

Ph.D., University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, 1977
B.S., University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, Honorary Degrees, 1974
D.Sc., (hc) University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, 2010
Ph.D., (hc) University of the Mediterranean, Aix-Marseille II, France, 2008

Professional Societies:
2009 Royal Society, Elected Fellow
2007 National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan, PI and Satellite Director of MANA
2004 Int'l Society for Nanoscale Science, Computation and Engineering, Elected Member
2002 World Innovation Foundation, Elected Fellow
2001 Royal Academy of Engineering, London, United Kingdom (FREng), Elected Fellow
1995 Institute of Physics (FinstP), London, UK, Elected Fellow

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Work Email Address:
Work Email Address:
Laboratory Address: Young Hall B064, B112
Work Address: Young Hall 3042A
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Fax Number: (310) 206-4038 Fax
Work Phone Number: (310) 206-7658 Assistant's phone number
1 (310) 794-7514 Office
Lab Number: 1 (310) 206-8259 Lab
Additional Information:

Dr. Gimzewski is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles and Director of the Nano & Pico Characterization Core Facility of the California NanoSystems Institute. He is scientific director of the Art|Sci Center at CNSI and the Broad Art Center and a member of the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center. He is also Principal Investigator and Satellites Co-Director of the WPI Center for Materials NanoArchitectonics (MANA) in Tsukuba Japan. Dr. Gimzewski is an associate of the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics.

Prior to joining the UCLA faculty, he was a group leader at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, where he research in nanoscale science and technology for more than 18 years. Dr. Gimzewski pioneered research on mechanical and electrical contacts with single atoms and molecules using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and was one of the first persons to image molecules with STM. His accomplishments include the first STM-based fabrication of molecular suprastructures at room temperature using mechanical forces to push molecules across surfaces, the discovery of single molecule rotors and the development of new micromechanical sensors based on nanotechnology, which explore ultimate limits of sensitivity and measurement. This approach was recently used to convert biochemical recognition into Nanomechanics.

His current interests are in the nanomechanics of cells, bacteria, exosmes and actin binding and RNA profiling where he collaborates with the UCLA MBI, Medical and Dental Schools.

Dr. Gimzewski is also involved in numerous art-science collaborative projects that have been exhibited in museums throughout the world and has appeared on many TV and Radio shows on BBC, NHK, CBC and Arte and NPR.

Selected Publications:

H.O. Sillin, H-. H. Hsieh, R. Aguilera, A.V. Avizienis, M. Aono, A.Z. Stieg, and J.K. Gimzewski , Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Atomic Switch Networks for Reservoir Computing, Nanotechnology, 2013, In Press.
R. Tanoue, R. Higuchi, K. Ikebe, S. Uemura, N. Kimizuka, A.Z. Stieg, J.K. Gimzewski and M. Kunitake, Thermodynamic Self-Assembly of Two-Dimensional pi-Conjugated Metal–Porphyrin Covalent Organic Frameworks by “On-Site” Equilibrium Polymerization, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2013, In Press.
A. Arshi, S. Eaimkhong, Y. Nakashima, H. Nakano, J. Reed, A.Z. Stieg, J.K. Gimzewski and A. Nakano, Rigid Two-Dimensional Microenvironments Promote Cardiac Differentiation of Mouse and Human Embryonic Stem Cells, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 2013, 2 (April).
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Sharma S, Santiskulvong C, Bentolila LA, Rao J, Dorigo O, Gimzewski JK, Correlative nanomechanical profiling with super-resolution F-actin imaging reveals novel insights into mechanisms of cisplatin resistance in ovarian cancer cells, Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 2012, 8 (5), 757-766.
Sharma S, Santiskulvong C, Bentolila LA, Rao J, Dorigo O, Gimzewski JK., Correlative nanomechanical profiling with super-resolution F-actin imaging reveals novel insights into mechanisms of cisplatin resistance in ovarian cancer cells. , Nanomedicine, 2012, 8 (5), 757-766.
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Jason Reed, Carlin Hsueh, Miu-Ling Lam, Rachel Kjolby, Andrew Sundstrom, Bud Mishra and J. K. Gimzewski, Identifying individual DNA species in a complex mixture by precisely measuring the spacing between nicking restriction enzymes with atomic force microscope, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2012, doi: 10.1098/rsif.2012.0024.
Jason Reed, Carlin Hsueh, Miu-Ling Lam, Rachel Kjolby, Andrew Sundstrom, Bud Mishra and J. K. Gimzewski, Identifying individual DNA species in a complex mixture by precisely measuring the spacing between nicking restriction enzymes with atomic force microscope, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2012, doi: 10.1098/​rsif.2012.0024 , Published Online.
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